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BrailleMaster represents a breakthrough in Braille code transcription, publishing and education.

It is much more than a simple conventional Braille transcription package. It is a complete publishing, transcripting, research and educational environment dedicated to Braille. Unlike conventional Braille translation programs, BrailleMaster is the only one which makes it possible for a user to develop his or her our own Braille rules using a unique rule-based symbolic language called LOUIS.

BrailleMaster is also an excellent tool for Braille rule development and study: Any suggested change to Braille rules can be implemented immediately and efficiently, and its effect studied. Moreover, creating one's own Braille rules is fast and enjoyable.

BrailleMaster can be used with any Braille embosser, as well as with any ink printer for printing Braille in visual form. Designed to perform text-to-Braille translation easily, quickly and accurately, BrailleMaster is an efficient workhorse for everyday Braille transcription work, as well as an excellent tool for Braille educators and researchers conducting experimental and developmental work related to Braille code.

Accurate Transcription

Thanks to user-accessible and easily modifiable rules, BrailleMaster offers the maximum accuracy for your translated text. Even if the rules change, you do not need to throw this program away - simply modify the rules accordingly. It is a child's play with BrailleMaster!

Unparalleled Flexibility

The development of the LOUIS symbolic language, exclusive to BrailleMaster, represents a dramatic conceptual change in text to Braille code transcription. Simple and effective, yet immensely flexible and powerful. Get the facts now!

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