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You can download a demonstration copy of BrailleMaster from here:

  BrailleMaster 6.20 Demo

This is fully functional BrailleMaster software with all available features. It will not expire after a limited period. There are also no limitations on the Braille rule creation and verification tools. The only limitation in the demo software is that the in-built Braille translator will not translate text files larger than 2000 characters.

   German translation rules (courtesy Juergen Grau)

   Italian translation rules (courtesy John G. Smith)


1. The letters a, e, i, o, u, when they have a grave should be typed in the text followed by (`) sign. The e acute followed by (*) sign. The continental italicised word should be preceded by 2 commas without a space (e.g. ,,only). More than 3 words in italics should be preceded by 4 commas without a space.

2. Although the rule file contains the accented letters in the Italian language and also the continental Braille signs for capitals, punctuation marks etc., it does not include short forms and contractions.

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