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Tutorial - Installation

The distribution disk contains a README file with installation instructions, two installation programs and four compressed ('zipped') files which contain BrailleMaster programs and data.

The installation programs are:

 INSTALL.EXE for screen-based installation
 INSTALLC.EXE for command-line installation (suitable for use with screen readers)

The program/data files are:

 BM_FILES.ZIP containing data files common for all versions
 BM_DOS_D.ZIP containing DOS command-line ('direct') version
 BM_DOS_S.ZIP containing DOS screen-based version
 BM_WIN.ZIP containing Windows version

To install BrailleMaster, execute either INSTALL or INSTALLC programs and follow the prompts. The installation program will automatically decompress ZIP files as required.

Upon installation, your specified directory will contain certain files which are common for all versions, plus EXE files which are version specific. For description of these files, see BrailleMaster File Types.

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