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Louis Braille The life story of Louis Braille has been published frequently. Born in 1809, having lost his sight to an accident at the age of three, he spent most his life living and working in institutions for the blind, and died prematurely at the age of forty-three. Most biographers concentrate on the genius of his invention and his dedication to education of the blind - he was a beloved and well-respected music teacher.

However, despite the fact that Braille code is so obviously convenient and the fact that Louis Braille himself proved its usefulness, despite the fact, that as a teacher, he had perhaps a somewhat more privileged platform to spread his word, the Braille code was not adopted by educational authorities until years after his death.

Reading Braille One can easily imagine his frustration with the inertia of those who should have known better than to hinder progress.

Let this humble memorial to Louis Braille (this is being typed close to the 190th anniversary of the day he was born) serve us as a reminder that we should listen more to our inventors and visionaries. Let us not allow pride, envy and politics to hamper the efforts of the gifted amongst us. By allowing ourselves to open up our minds and hearts, we also make it possible for human progress to move a step further.

Aria Braille Computer Let us also remind ourselves of the power of persistence in all human achievement. Alas, Louis Braille died too early to see the fruits of his work. But, thanks to others who persevered in his footsteps, he did succeed in the end. Should he have been simply content in using his raised dots for his own enjoyment, or should he and his followers have simply given up the idea at the first sight of resistance, misunderstanding and criticism, there would be no Braille code.

Three cheers to Louis Braille, and three cheers to all persistent inventors amongst us!

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