BrailleMaster Resource Page

With BrailleMaster, you can:

 Translate text, either directly to a Braille printer, or to a Braille file
 Edit files, including text files, Braille files or rule files
 Format text for large print output
 Preview translated Braille on the screen
 Print or emboss Braille from a saved Braille file
 Customize Braille rules and verify them
 Customize formatting for any printer or Braille embosser
 Develop new Braille rules for foreign languages
 Develop new Braille rules for your own special applications
 Use your own developed Braille rules for text translation

BrailleMaster allows you to observe your text simultaneously in three domains: your original text, the translated Braille file code (ready to be sent to a Braille printer), as well as a graphics preview of the Braille, exactly as it will appear when printed.

BrailleMaster's Windows

Braille code keeps developing like any natural human language. There is no need to upgrade your Braille translation software if such changes occur. You only need to change the Rule File. This is so easy that in most cases you will be able to do this yourself. Rule files are text file which describe the translation process. They are written in an easy to understand symbolic language called LOUIS. You can edit the rules using BrailleMaster's in-built Editor. You can also verify the effect of such changes immediately using BrailleMaster's in-built Rule Checker.

Rule Checker

The Braille code is shown both in Dot numbers, as well as graphics. The window at the bottom shows which LOUIS rules have been used in the translation.

The entire BrailleMaster package contains three programs:

 BrailleMaster for Windows (95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP)
 BrailleMaster for DOS (graphics version)
 BrailleMaster for DOS (command line version)

BrailleMaster is also available for the Aria and Eureka computers manufactured by Robotron.

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